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Your ductwork is the part of your HVAC system that moves air throughout your home. You may be interested in zoning areas of your house, sealing leaking ducts, or replacing sections that are past repair. No matter what you’re looking for, Smothers Brothers Air Conditioning offers expert ductwork services in Englewood, so you’re always taken care of. Let your HVAC system work for you with higher efficiency, fewer leaks, and zoning capabilities.

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Duct Modification FAQ

Your units may be working hard to keep your home cool, but incorrectly sized ductwork can prevent you from reaching comfort. 

Here are the answers to a few common questions about ductwork modification:

  • How long does it take? The exact timeframe of a modification is specific to your home and the precise changes. However, many jobs take between one to three days to complete.
  • Why is incorrectly sized ductwork a problem? Ducts that don’t match your HVAC’s output can contribute to high energy costs, unnecessary wear and tear on your units, and uneven heating and air conditioning.
  • How do I know my ductwork needs modification? If your system is over 20 years old and you notice a lack of airflow, strange noises, and uneven temperatures, call the professionals at Smothers Brothers Air Conditioning for expert ductwork services in Englewood. We can inspect your system for improper installation and damaged ducts to offer long-term solutions for your home.
  • How can I modify my ducts for zoning? Zoning capabilities can be added to an existing HVAC system by installing dampers inside your ductwork. Zoning is highly beneficial to multi-story homes that struggle with air conditioning the upstairs area. Adding dampers can create multiple zones in your home for a more comprehensive cool.
  • How much does HVAC zoning cost? The overall cost of zoning your home depends on how many zones you want, typically between two and eight, and if your ductwork needs to be retrofitted. Our team members can help calculate your cost with a free estimate.

Sealing & Replacing Ductwork

Just like your HVAC units, your ductwork doesn’t last forever. The seams of your ducts begin to wear after 15 years and severely lose efficiency after 20. Throughout the seasons and constant temperature changes, your ducts expand and contract, creating opportunities for separations and air loss. 

Here are a few signs it’s time to replace your ductwork:

  • It’s 15+ years old
  • You’re experiencing abnormal amounts of dust
  • Uneven room temperatures
  • You notice crushed ducts in your attic or crawl space
  • You smell mold when turning on your HVAC

Your HVAC system should work for you, not the other way around! Leaking ducts can increase energy costs, cause noisy operation, and lose efficiency. Our technicians can determine if you need a replacement, duct sealing, or thorough duct cleaning to return your HVAC system to 100%. 

Don’t let old, worn-out ductwork keep you from being comfortable in your own home. Trust Smothers Brothers Air Conditioning for expert ductwork services in Englewood. New and improved ductwork can save you money, increase your system’s efficiency, and offer quieter operation for peaceful comfort.

Air Duct Repairs

Did you know that animals tend to tear into ducts as they find them a comfortable and safe place to live? These are just a few of the hazards your air ducts might face on a daily basis.

At Smothers Brothers Air Conditioning, we find and fix just about any problem you might have. If a duct has been damaged, we’ll figure out the best way to repair it and perform a superior-quality service to complete the job. We use premium duct materials and can even create customized sheet metal air ducts for a truly customized and highly durable solution.

Air Duct Replacement

No project is too large or small for our crew to handle, and we’ll do everything we can to make sure your HVAC system has the efficient network of air pathways it can depend on for years to come.

Duct Installation & Rerouting

Talk to us about what you want your air ducts to be capable of and we’ll help set up a plan that ensures maximum performance and efficiency based on your already-existing equipment and your goals.

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